17 Park Drive, Umhlanga, Durban, 4319, South Africa
12 December 2017

Chilli & Mint Family
The delicious combination of Chilli & Mint takes you by surprise and goes well with lamb, beef & vegetable dishes!
Heat 6/10
Extra Hot Family

Extra Hot Piri Piri Family
Fiery hot Sauce, traditional Mozambican style, for the serious Chilli-lover, this is a tasty treat! Enjoy with Seafood, Chicken, grilled Meat and on Pizza! Fantastic as a Marinade!
Heat 8/10
Garlic Piri Piri Family
Medium-hot, with a wonderful spicy flavour which will remind you of exotic places and spark your imagination! This sauce is a "must" for the lovers table!
Heat 7/10

Habanero Family
Very Hot Sauce made with fresh Habaneros for real Chilli Lovers only!
Heat 10/10
Lemon & Herb Piri Family
This is a tangy, delicious blend of Piri Piri Chillies, Lemon & Herbs, true Mozambican style! Great with Chicken, Fish & as a Marinade. Fantastic on grilled Mushrooms or Stir-Fry!
Heat 3/10

Mild Piri Piri Family
This Sauce is mild without compromising on true African flavours. Fantastic condiment with Fish, Chicken & Meat, a Vegetable or Pasta dish gets a new life with a few drops of our Mild Piri-Piri.
Heat 3/10
Mild Red Chilli Pepper Family

Passion Fruit Family
Passion Fruit Piri Piri is our version of a Sweet Chilli Sauce. It is made with fresh Passion Fruit and has a tangy, mild Chilli flavour, a real taste sensation! Great with Chicken, Veggies and with Cheese!
Heat 2/10
Hot Piri Piri Family
Intense, like the African Sun, this is for the chilli-lover, a sauce that combines heat with lots of great flavour. Spice up and dish!
Heat 7/10

Hot Green Chilli Family
A hot and fresh tasting sauce, using a variety of green African Peppers, Herbs & Lemon. Enjoy with Fish & Chicken, Pasta, Pizza and Stir Fries.
Heat 7/10